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My first house-cat day--got no further than the mailbox around the corner.  Meow!  Had originally made plans to go running, go to the Y, check out a labyrinth at a Sunnyvale church... all went poof! as my day flew by in an attempt to start (yes, merely just to *start*) a programming project.  Meow...


The cardigan I have been working on since... oh, April? is still going very slowly.  I'd be happy if this gets done this year!


Restarted playing Beethoven's 'Six Variations'.  Only got through the theme and three variations last time around, though, heh heh. :P


This year my planting was very late (June), and I planted from seed since I bought a bunch of seeds way back in March, which slows down growing considerably, so I have no real hope of harvesting anything.  Nonetheless, I am still really happy that as of today I have a few flowers and leaves to show for all the effort. :)

A few sprigs of parsley...

More after the cut...Collapse )


Today's highlight:  Paris Baguette Bakery.  Although I have been there a couple of times, I have never actually sat down and had a real, substantial "meal"--something more than just one pastry.  So this morning, I dragged the husband there and we got a whopping four pieces of goodies plus a green tea drink.  Yummy!  Unfortunately, a side effect of having pastries is that we end up reminiscing about the incomparable pastries in the real Paris.  But, hey, I think that having really good though not awesome pastries is still a lot better than not having any at all. :P


This afternoon I went to a tai chi class at the YMCA.  I am a total beginner, so I was taught the first five or so steps of the "first form".  Easy enough in concept, but so hard to execute fluidly!  A lot of the class was devoted to warm-up exercises that made me feel like my insides were getting a spa treatment (maybe because all the movements were so flow-y).  Very relaxing class. :)


It's Friday afternoon, and I am feeling a light kind of happiness creep into me.  It's the weekend! :)

No, I don't have any specific plans for the weekend (aside from hoping that the weather will remain breezy instead of reverting back to scorching hot), but still... it's the weekend, a time for relaxation and rest.

Perhaps, for someone who is not working, weekends should not be very important.  After all, isn't every day a weekend?

I used to think that way too.  For the past three months of not working, I lived from week to week letting the days roll from one into another, without rhythm and without break.

The truth is, what ended up happening was that I worked pretty much 24-7.  Evenings, weekends, every day.  Because I am switching from one field to another, I often suffer from anxiety attacks--what if I can't find a job? What if I can't do the work?  What if... I just get stuck at home forever?  To compensate, I ran around from one thing to another, a book here, a website there, and back again, until my days all became one long work/study session.

Finally, these last couple of days, I've managed to calm down a bit--visited a yarn shop yesterday and lunched with a friend today.  Took my time on the light rail instead of driving around.  Gathered up a bunch of old CDs from the garage and made myself a playlist.  Feasted on mooncake. :)

Mmm... Friday afternoon happiness.  Even I may partake in it.

library loot

Happiness is a good haul from a fishing trip to the library. :)  From today's haul, I am excited about Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose.  Will watch the movie (with Sean Connery!) when I am done.  Hee.


blind pianist

So I was mucking around on the web looking for some free (but good, of course) piano performances to watch, and I came across the Van Cliburn competition.  It's supposed to be a pretty prestigious international competition that's held every four years, and (more importantly) their website has video archives of the entire competition, from preliminaries to the finals, yippee!  The demands on the competitors are quite staggering, with each competitor playing two piano concertos in the finals, on top of recital pieces, chamber music, etc.  All this means more free performances to watch, so I am not complaining.  So la la la, I was enjoying myself with these videos when I read that one of this year's co-winners, a Japanese man named Noboyuki Tsujii, is actually blind, and has been blind from birth.  I am completely floored.  

ostrich eggs?

When wandering around in Whole Foods, I spotted some ostrich eggs(!).  They were white in color and about the size of a cantaloupe--basically, really huge as far as eggs go (at least for me, who has never been exposed to exotic eggs).   The eggs made me think about volleyballs.  In my hands, the ostrich egg felt very heavy and dense.  The surface, however, was a little pebbled, making for a fun tactile experience. :)  According to the store's instructions, you're supposed to boil the egg for two hours and then consume it like a normal hard-boiled egg.  Hmm... for $29.99, that description doesn't sound quite appetizing enough.  Would anyone purchase such an egg?



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